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Hebrew Playing Cards

Hebrew Playing Cards

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Hebrew is not only a modern language, but also the language of the ancient scriptures. It's time to embark on a linguistic journey that bridges the past and the present. In a land where "shalom" means peace, and "sababa" means cool, even a playful attempt at speaking Hebrew will have you blending in like a true local. Join the spirited Israelis and experience their vibrant culture firsthand.

With Hebrew Playing Cards, you can have hours of fun with your friends and family while on the go. These cards are portable and come in a compact case, making them an ideal travel game that you can take anywhere. Whether you're on a long road trip, a plane ride, or waiting for your train, Lingo Playing Cards are a great way to pass the time. But that's not all – these cards are also an ideal educational tool for STEM enthusiasts, a great alternative to board games and card games. Pick up Hebrew while playing cards!

Dimensions : 2.5"W x 3.5" L x .75" H

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